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Whole House Fans

Energy efficient cooling!

If you own a home, you are very aware of the cost to cool that home.  An air conditioning unit works by pushing cold air into your home.  But often, the A/C unit has to work overtime due to the amount of hot air that may be trapped in the home.

A whole house fan is designed to quickly and efficiently remove that hot air trapped in the home and pull in fresh, cool air from outside.  Hot air is pushed into the attic and vented through the attic fans or gable vents.  It's time to give your A/C a break!  In fact, in some cases, while a whole house fan is in use, the A/C unit isn't needed... the home is naturally cooled by the fan.

Call Powell Electric today to discover the many benefits to installing a whole house fan.  You will certainly enjoy the lower cooling costs!


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