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Light Switches & Dimmer Switches

Add, replace or remove a light switch

Replace a light switch

Sometimes light switched need replacing.  Although you can purchase a switch yourself at your local hardware store, it is not recommended that you attempt to perform the switch replacement yourself.  This project should only be trusted in the hands of a licensed, skilled electrician.  There is a high risk of electrocution and damage to your homes electrical system that could result in an electrical fire.

Move a light switch

So, you've done some remodeling or re-arranging of the furniture to freshen up the look of a room, but now you wish that light switch was in a different place.  Powell Electric can move that light switch with no trouble!

"Switch" to a dimmer!

A very simple way to change or update the look of a room is to add the ability to dim that room's lighting.  Set the mood, change the atmosphere, or simple give your eyes the perfect amount of light... dimmers can change or improve the use of a room or space.

Call Powell Electric today to have a switch moved or replaced... or switch to a dimmer!


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