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Surge Protection

Protect your home from damaging surges!

For most, the term surge protection refers to those power strips you purchase at the computer store or hardware store.  These devices do protect from a certain level of power surge for the appliances, hardware, and electronics plugged into them.  What many homeowners aren't ware of is that there is surge protection available for the entire home - often times for a price close to what they would pay for a top of the line strip type surge protector.

Your entire house!

It is possible to protect your entire electrical system from harmful power surges.  Powell Electric can install this "whole house" surge protector directly on your electrical panel, the heart or your electrical system.  With a whole house surge protector, all appliances and electronics can be protected from harmful surges.  Now there is no need for multiple surge protector strips around the house.  You can protect everything, right from the start.

Different types of surges

There are different ways surges can occur.  The most obvious source or power surge is lightening strike.  However, there are thousands of smaller surges that occur daily in your home.  It is these surges that can slowly deteriorate the sensitive electrical components in all of your home's major appliances and electronics.  Powell Electric can install a whole house surge protector that will protect against the risk of major power surges and eliminate the 1000's of smaller, more frequent surges occurring regularly throughout the day.

A whole house surge protector will virtually pay for itself by prolonging the life of your appliances and electronics.  There are different options for whole house surge protection.  Call Powell Electric today to discuss which option will be best for you and your home.


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