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Attic Fans

A great way to cool your home more efficiently!

In the heat of the hot Summer months, your home's attic temperature can reach over 150°F!  This extreme heat inside your home can cause more strain on your air conditioning unit as it tries to cool the space.  The use of an attic fan will remove the trapped hot air in your attic and assist your cooling system, making it much more easy for your home to cool.  The added help from an attic fan can even reduce the cost of cooling your home by up to 30%!

Hearing your A?C unit run for a long period of time can be very unnerving!  You can almost imagine the air blowing the cash right out of your pocketbook! Installing an attic fan in your home will reduce the cost to cool your home and give you better peace of mind about running the air conditioner.

Advantages of attic fans:

  1. Lower temperatures for your upstairs living spaces, nearly 10°F cooler!
  2. Longer lifespan for your roof, as it helps keep shingles cooler through Summer!
  3. With an optional humidistat, your attic will remain dryer during Winter!
  4. Nearly 30% savings on the energy cost of cooling your home!

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