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Arc-Fault Breakers

What is an Arc-Fault?

Arching occurs in two ways:

1) Naturally: An arch naturally occurs when a light switch is turned on or a motor driven appliance is switched on (ie. a vacuum cleaner)

2) Unsafe occurrences: A loose or corroded connection can make intermittent contact and can cause sparking or arching between those connections.  This will cause extreme heating which can break down the insulation in the wiring and in turn cause an electrical fire.

What is an example of an arc-fault:

There are often occurrences when in older homes the wring was fastened or stapled to tightly inside the walls.  Over a period of time, the electricity flowing through the wiring can begin to arc with the metal staple.  This arching can cause extreme levels of heat and potential cause an electrical fire.

What is an Arc-fault breaker?

Arc-fault breakers trip once an arching situation is detected by the breaker.  This smart devise can determine when a natural arch is occurring and when an unsafe arc is occurring.  To learn more about arc-fault breaker call Powell Electric today!


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