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Appliance Circuits

No hookup for an appliance?

A new appliance can be a great addition to your home, adding more comfort and convenience.  But what should you do if there is no hookup or plug available for that appliance?  Or maybe there is a plug but not enough power.  For this situation, you need  new circuit.  Installing a new circuit is a complex task and should only be performed by a licensed, skilled electrician!  Never attempt to install a new circuit on your own.  There is great risk of electric shock and potential damage to your electrical system that could result in an electrical fire.

You may find yourself in need of a new circuit for on of the following appliances:

  • Clothes dryer
  • Electric car
  • Microwave oven
  • Oven/stove
  • Pool equipment
  • Refrigerator
  • Spa or Sauna
  • Washing machine
  • Any appliance!




Call Powell Electric, your Los Angeles electrician, today to schedule a appointment to have the new appliance, hot tub, sauna, or pool pump hooked up.


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