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Electrical Troubleshooting & Repairs

Common Electrical Problems that Need Troubleshooting

Chances are the electrical problems you are dealing with are common and can easily be fixed with a quick visit from one of electricians! Here are some of the most common electrical problems you might come across:

  • Flickering Lights

If you are dealing with flickering lights, there are a few possible reasons. Best case scenario your bulb is loose, or you have an old switch. However, if you find that the lights are flickering when you turn on major appliances, you might be dealing with faulty wiring.

  • Repeatedly Tripping Circuit Breakers

Your circuit breaker tripping might not be a big problem and you can always reset it. However, if you find it is repeatedly tripping, you might be dealing with an overloaded circuit, an old electrical system or a short circuit.

  • No GFCIs

Many homeowners don’t use ground fault circuit interrupters, which puts them at a high risk for electrocution. If you have experienced even minor electrical shocks, consider having an electrician install a GFCI in your home.

  • High Electricity Bill

Do you have a high electric bill no matter how hard you try to be more energy-efficient? You might have a leakage in your electrical system, damaged wiring or outdated electrical devices using up more power.

If you notice these or any other electrical problems in your home, get in touch with the pros at Powel Electric! Our technicians are equipped with the training, knowledge and certifications needed to provide our customers the best possible service. Call us at 800-984-4312 or schedule a service with us online!