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Why Isn’t My Doorbell Working?

A doorbell that doesn’t work might seem like a minor issue, but it is an inconvenience that can easily be fixed. If you have a common doorbell and it isn’t working, there are several reasons why that might be the case.

The Button is not Working

If you’re lucky, the problem might simply be a stuck button caused by dirt or debris. Try cleaning it first using a clean cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol. If this does not work, step closer to the button and listen closely for a low buzzing sound. If you don’t hear the buzz that means you will need a new button, because your current one has stopped working. If the button is the only problem, you can unscrew your old one and take it when you go shopping so you can get the size right.

The Problem is in the Chime Unit inside Your Home

There might be an issue with the chime box where the actual chime of the doorbell comes from. To check if there is an issue with the chime unit, remove the cover carefully and inspect the wires entering the unit. Next, use a voltmeter to check for signals in the wire. If there are no signals, that means there is an issue with the wiring. If the voltmeter is showing signals, that means the chime unit is getting electricity but is not providing the doorbell chime.

Faulty Wiring

Check if the wires entering the chime unit are exposed, missing insulation, chewed off or torn. It is possible that the issue is simply caused by old or broken wiring.

The Transformer is Not Working

Lastly, the problem might lie in the transformer, a small metal box that keeps your doorbell’s power at the right voltage. Use a voltmeter to check the voltage reading on the transformer—if it reads higher, your transformer might need to be repaired or replaced.

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